The Mystery Blogger Award

A while back I was nominated by two people – Ami from Undercover Superhero and Delta from The Dead Books which I’m so grateful for! Ami has a fantastic blog focused around living with disabilities and raising awareness, and I was fortunate enough to be able to guest post for her in the past on living with chronic migraine. Delta writes some brilliant posts on … Continue reading The Mystery Blogger Award

August Wrap Up & September In Focus

It’s been a strange summer for me this year… The first time I’ve worked through the whole thing! Last year I spent an entire month of the summer in Kenya (in a staff role, but very different to your standard 9 to 5 work), and before that I’d have the whole summer off due to working in a school. I’ve only taken one day off … Continue reading August Wrap Up & September In Focus

73 Questions About Me: A Vogue Parody

I was tagged in this aaaages ago by several people – What’s In My Wonderland, Home Of Understanding, and All Things Gee – sorry it’s taken so long! I’ve finally got my answers and my nominees, so here they are! The Challenge: 1. What is your usual Starbucks order?  I only ever drink in Starbucks if I need to be somewhere for a while – I … Continue reading 73 Questions About Me: A Vogue Parody

June Wrap Up And July In Focus

How it July already?! It’s hard to believe how quick this year has flown by, and the disappointing weather certainly hasn’t helped! We’ve had a few days of scorchio (such as today) but there’s also been a lot of rain and grey which hasn’t particularly motivated me towards summer. Hopefully the warmth is here to stay now though, as I’m ready for loads of summer … Continue reading June Wrap Up And July In Focus