Book Of Panacea – Tineke Peeters

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Title image of Book of Panacea by Tineke Peeters

Author: Tineke Peeters
Genre: Young adult/fantasy
Published: February 2019

Earth is on fire – the sun shines bright, yet it hasn’t stopped for several days now, and it’s all because Apollo is missing. Only after the Earth succumbs to its fate do some of the gods realise what has happened, but by then it’s too late. A couple of generations later Panacea, Apollo’s granddaughter, must fight to stay invisible from the rest of the gods, yet complete her training as a goddess and discover her true powers (whilst also preventing the mischievous Hades from getting his own way). With only a handful of family and friends to support her, will she manage to keep everything in line?

Young adult is a fairly new genre for me – although I sometimes read it has a teenager I tended to gravitate towards adult novels as they were more accessible for me, and I haven’t really read much YA since. It was nice to delve back into it with Book of Panacea though, especially with the Greek gods slant to the story.

Tineke Peeters has a fascinating imagination as an author and I absolutely loved the concept of the story – I already have an interest in the Greek gods, but the initial premise of them accidentally destroying Earth was what drew me in. I felt this was a really original idea and it worked well, and paved the way for an interesting plot that contained lots of twists and turns. The topic is archaic but Peeters comes at it from a very modern angle, with gods and goddesses that wear everyday clothing and speak very much like we do. I felt this made the characters relatable and put a different spin on them than the usual one we’re so often presented with.

Cover image of Book of Panacea by Tineke Peeters
Cover image of Book of Panacea by Tineke Peeters

The character development was what I liked most about the book – each character was interesting with their own quirks, and the chemistry between characters was really focused on. Panacea is a relatable main character for a young teenager, struggling not only with goddess issues but also many things normal teenagers struggle with as they hit puberty. Hades was also interestingly written, as was Panacea’s trusted group of friends and family. My favourite character of course was Apple, a sort of baby Cerberus dog, who was really brought to life throughout and had so much personality from the very beginning.

I wasn’t so much of a fan of the writing style – not being well-versed in YA, it was very different to the style I usually go for in the women’s fiction and psychological thrillers I’m often drawn to. I felt the editing could have tighter, but generally the writing style was easy to read and very dialogue-focused, which I would say suits the tween age range the best. It’s a good length – not too long, but long enough to add depth to the story. There’s nothing particularly graphic involved but there are multiple instances of swearing – these are mostly mild, but it’s good to take note of if you are considering buying this book for a younger person.

Book Of Panacea deals with multiple themes from discovering oneself, growing up, and falling in love for the first time. These are all themes I wished I’d read more about in secondary school as all three of them were relevant to my teenage years, and the book takes them all seriously. Book Of Panacea will interest those into fantasy and the Greek gods most of all, and is also worth considering for any tweens/teenagers struggling with any of the themes mentioned above. An enjoyable read that’s one to check out!

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