Fuerteventura Gift Box Giveaway!

As you all know I recently visited Fuerteventura, my favourite place ever and hopefully my future home. To celebrate reaching 2000 followers on Twitter I decided to do a giveaway, and what better theme for the prizes than this beautiful island…

Gift box for Fuerteventura Giveaway
The full gift box, complete with loads of prizes!

Details of entry are below, but before you do so check out the great selection of gifts you could win, all flown back from the Canaries!

The Prizes

Skin Products

Skin care from Fuerteventura giveaway - aloe vera body lotion and soap

The Canary Islands are famous for their aloe vera – one of the only plants that can thrive in such harsh, arid conditions. Fuerteventura is dotted with aloe vera farms, with the plants being used to make a wonderful selection of skincare that’s been proven to moisturise skin effectively and provide relief from sunburn and other issues. I’m never without aloe vera skincare so decided to include two of my favourites in the giveaway – face and body lotion, which I use everyday when I’m out in the sun, and a bar of aloe vera soap.

Home Decor

If I could I’d buy all my home decor from Fuerteventura – there’s so many artisan shops out there with beautiful handmade gifts! Lizards are very popular on the island and you’ll see them running around all over the place, so they’re a common image when it comes to decor and many people have them on the walls of their houses or adorning their jewellery and accessories. I chose a cute cup/container plus a lovely hanging decoration for the lizard theme, and of course the Fuerteventura magnet (which you have to have when it’s a gift from abroad!).

Food Items

Food items from Fuerteventura giveaway - mojo sauce

Another thing the Canary Islands is famous for is Mojo sauce. There are two main types – a slightly spicy red pepper variety known as Picรณn, and Green which contains coriander or parsley. They make beautiful dipping sauces and work well with bread or my favourite, Canarian potatoes. I’m including a recipe for these as well as it’s the ultimate Canarian starter!


Jewellery from Fuerteventura giveaway - four bracelets and anklets

If you snooped through my jewellery box then you’d notice that most of it has a beachy feel to it, which is typical of the jewellery you can buy in Fuerteventura. Bright colours are appreciated, and many bracelets, anklets, and necklaces use material and string rather than metal. I love how durable the jewellery is over there and the traveller/beachy vibe it gives off, so I’ve also included four bracelets/anklets as one of the prizes.


Candles from Fuerteventura giveaway with candle holder

And finally, we have another lizard-themed product – a handmade candle holder, complete with a set of rose candles.I’m a big candle fan myself so when I saw this holder I just had to buy it! There are several wonderful shops with these sorts of products but I found this particular one in El Campinario in Corralejo, and the shop also featured many beautiful crystals and ornaments. I’ll admit I’m envious of the winner for getting this!

How To Enter

All you need to do to enter is use the following Rafflecopter link – it’s that easy! The giveaway lasts for two weeks so make sure to get your entries in quick, and don’t forget to share with your friends! Good luck!

Click here to enter the giveaway!

Fuerteventura giveaway pinterest image

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